My Journey to NYU Stern

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Hey all! I'm Pri, and welcome to my first "get to know me" kind of blog post! I want to share a decision that changed my life. The decision to just go for NYU.

Blurred water droplets through a window overlooking Washington square park, take from 10th floor of New York University's Kimmel Center
NYU Kimmel Center

So, if you are an Indian reader, you must probably know about JEE/JEE Advance, for those who aren't, these exams are an entry-level examination of some of the best engineering colleges in India and I studied for them for almost two years! Yes, during my 11th-12th, I knew that I wanted to do engineering because I did not like biology, and thought commerce was boring (in hindsight I was wrong!). My dad though, used to ask me "Do you want to do engineering?" “Are you sure? You don't want to study business?" and I used to think "Hey, why don't you believe in me?!" Once again, in hindsight, I was wrong, as it was never about believing or not believing in me. Simply, he knew I would not like engineering. And that's what happened.

One August morning, I was solving Physics questions when I thought, "I can't do this for the next four years also!" and it suddenly struck me like lightning. "I don't want to be an engineer." I went straight to my dad and told him I don't wanna pursue engineering, and instead, I want to do business! Now that's where our mission started: how to get me from engineering to business. I looked at Indian colleges, but none of them really took science students in their business classes, and that's when I started looking for study abroad colleges. But another problem arose: I haven’t given the SAT and it's already September!

I started to panic, and then my dad reached out to some college consulting agencies. Only one of them agreed to help us and hence I started my US college application. My activities weren't that showy, and I had no community service or any volunteer job. I just had a few basic things like the captain/vice-captain of my school’s house, dance competition, rallies, science exhibition etc. My only unique thing in the application was that I have a passion for Astronomy and come from a small town. And that's what my common app essay was on!

Amidst all this mess, I saw that NYU just went test-optional that year (2018) and because I was looking for test-optional business colleges, I started my application for New York University Stern School of Business. I knew it was really prestigious, and I never thought I would get in with so much competition. But I did get in. And that's what I want to tell you, you don't need to be a prodigy to get into colleges (if you are one, great!), you don't need to fill your application with unnecessary activities and look fake. Be genuine, be passionate about why you want to study at that university! I got into NYU Stern with a science background, and without giving SAT, so believe in yourself and you can achieve your goals too!

Now, I have my own college consulting firm: ApexUni, and I want to help students like me who want to go abroad but aren't sure how to, or need help in the application process! If you are one of them, don't think twice, just book an appointment with us and we will help you reach your goals!!!

Hope this helps whoever is reading this! Love you all :)

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