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They Both Die At The End By Adam Silvera

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

"The two laughed and cried, as if they’ve been best friends their entire life."

They Both Die At The End, Adam Silvera

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea!), pick your favorite pair of pajamas, blast your favorite Hozier song, and have some snacks ready. Why? Because when you pick up this book, you won’t be able to do anything until you finish it (trust me, I finished it in one sitting).

They Both Die At The End is set in a dystopian world, where people who are going to die within the next 24 hours receive a phone call from a company called Death-Cast, telling them "Today is your last day," and the company is never wrong. Two 17-year-old boys, Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emetrio are also among those people who get this call on an inauspicious night.

And just like Death-Cast, there is an app called the Last Friend, which helps people connect (make friends) on their last days. Both Mateo and Rufus are looking to make a new friend for different reasons and find each other. Thus we have the classic YA novel: strangers meet and then set on an epic journey, which doesn’t last long (or does it?). Together Mateo and Rufus overcome their fears, discover themselves, and find love. But the question is - can they beat fate?

This book is filled with heartfelt moments, laughable antics, classic teenagers' problems, struggling sexuality, and an amazing (and steaming) karaoke number (Song: American Pie by Don McLean, I recommend everyone listen to this song). If you are familiar with Silvera’s writing, then you already know how even in the funniest moments in his books there is a life lesson somewhere.

Fun Fact: They Both Die At The End is getting a series made by HBO!

Adam Silvera will make you cry, laugh, and then cry a little bit more, however, you will understand how beautiful life can be and how lucky you are to be alive. With this pandemic and the on-going elections causing anxiety spikes, we all need to learn to appreciate little things in life.


Hope you enjoy this book as much as I did! Do share your thoughts with me, either in the comments below or DM me on Instagram!

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