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Basic Fried Rice Recipe!

Growing up in India I have tasted many cuisines with a mix of my mom's masalas! One of the best examples of different cuisines is Indo-Chinese Food.

I'm sure if you are reading this you absolutely love Indo-Chinese food or you are planning on trying it (you will love it!). So, here's THE most simplest recipe for making one of my personal favorites - Schezwan Fried Rice. I will tell you everything from washing the rice to making it! Let's get started💪


1. Rice, I made it with two bowls but you can change this recipe up according to your ratio.

2. Carrots (1-2).

3. French Beans (2-3).

4. Capsicum (1-2).

5. Spring onions (according to your taste, I took 2).

6. Garlic (1-3 petals, accordingly).

7. Ginger (1/2 tbsp).

8. Green Chilies (1-2, according to your taste).

9. Soy sauce, Schezwan sauce, Ketchup.


- Take 2 bowls of rice in a bigger bowl and pour it with water. Let the rice be soaked for 10-15 minutes.

- You can chop the vegetables during this time into small (but not TOO small) squares!

- Now, this is a bit difficult for beginners, take a big sieve and pour the water out and fill it up again. Make sure you do it in a sink, and you have to do it until the water is clear. So after a couple of times,you'll be good to go! (If you still have any problems with this, ask you mom, that's what I did :). Also see the image below).

- Now take 4 bowls of water (if you take 3 bowls of rice then add 6 cups of water and so on). Boil the water a little and put the washed rice in. Boil it for 10-15 minutes.

- Now our rice is washed and boiled, vegetables are cut and we come to the fun part: putting it all together! On a pan pour some oil and put in the garlic, ginger and green chilies.

- Saute them for a bit.

- Then add all other vegetables. Cook them on high flame for a bit.

- Add salt according to your taste, white pepper (1/4 tsp, but can vary according to your taste), and sugar (1 tsp).

- Now add Schezwan sauce (1-2 tbsp, you can add less accordingly), Ketchup (1 tbsp) and Soy sauce (1 tsp).

- Mix everything for a few minutes.

- Add your boiled rice to the pan and mix everything well.

- And there you have it! Your fried rice is done. Share it and enjoy it!

Now you can make these fried rice with other things. Also, add noodles to it or add Manchurian balls in the rice, which I will tell you about in the next article!

Tell me in the comments: how was your experience in making this? Were you successful in the first try?

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